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Posted on Monday 3rd August 2020


Weekdays  at 14:15 and 21:35

It all starts when Marisa arrives in the capital for a job at a real estate brokerage company.  She brings along her daughter Nicole, mother María Elena (“Nena”), and Nicole's nanny Jaquie. Upon arrival in the city, Nicole and Marisa meet Miguel Carreto ("Miky"), a charming and enthusiastic school bus driver.

After Miky starts taking Nicole to and from school, his magnetic and trustworthy personality ingrains him to both mother and daughter. Nicole sees him as the father she never had, and Marisa falls for him romantically. Things get complicated for Marisa when she discovers that her new boss is Marcelo Moret, Nicole's father. Marcelo is used to getting whatever he wants thanks to his combination of gallantry and manipulation, and he sets his sights on Marisa's love and Nicole's affection.

Marisa must get her feelings in order, as she is torn between wanting to give Nicole the family she dreamed of with her father and following the heart which belongs to Miky.




Little Women

Weekdays at 17:55.
Omnibus edition on Saturday at 10:45 and Sunday at 20:15.

VIVIANA has four beautiful daughters: BEATRIZ, JOSEFINA, MERCEDES and AMANDA. The four are completely different to each other and, despite the problems that such different personalities bring to them, they would give their lives for each other.

JOSEFINA, the second daughter, is very in love with her boyfriend, Rafael, who at the beginning of the story proposes her to marry him.

On Christmas Eve, ROBERTO, an Air Force captain, husband of VIVIANA and father of the four little women, has to attend service: there are ferocious huaycos and floods in different areas of the country. There are thousands of victims and dozens of districts without communication. All the personnel of the Armed Forces has been called of emergency and he has to leave at the dawn of day 25 to make rescues and to distribute humanitarian aid.

Before leaving, he looks at his daughters full of love and says: "I will think of you every minute, I will pray that we will be well and I will give myself strength with your affection. Be loving to your mother and obey everything. So, when I come back, I'll be prouder than ever of my four little women." ROBERTO says goodbye and leaves...

Loving You

Weekdays at 14:15
Omnibus edition on Saturdays at 20:15 and Sundays at 10:45

Francisco Olivetti is a prestigious rich attorney who has it all. He dedicated his life to one mission: make people obey the law. Life presents him a big challenge: to prove the innocence of a woman (Luz) that disconnected her dying husband from the machine that kept him alive, obeying his last wish to end his pain.

Mercedes is Francisco and Fatima’s daughter. She is the only reason why they continue being married. She is a spoiled but a good girl. She has strong values that will be broken on a wild night with alcohol and drugs when her car crashes and wounds Manuel, a young promising football star that was about to be hired by a famous European football team.

Manuel ends up in a wheelchair with his life destroyed and Mercedes carries the guilt. Her mother and boyfriend will manipulate her to keep silent about the accident in order to avoid jail and destroy the whole family. Mercedes and Manuel will start seeing each other and fall in love. Mercedes will hide from him the fact that she is the reason for his condition. Not only will their love be threatened, but also the love of Francisco and Luz will be when Fatima discovers them.

Football Dreams

Season 2
Airs on weekdays at 17:55
Omnibus edition on Saturdays at 10:45 and Sundays at 20:15

“La Seleccion” is a tour around the entrancing world of football and the hectic lives of four emblematic players from the Colombian National Football Team: Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino Asprilla. A production with a fictional touch that recreates true facts, sacrifices, disappointments, happy moments and experiences lived both in and outside the football field, which are unknown by fans.


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