• Under The Storm

    Under The Storm

  • The Other Side Of The Soul

    The Other Side Of The Soul

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    The Neighbour

Betrayed Heart
Betrayed Heart
Tuesday 11 December
The Other Side Of The Soul
The Other Side Of The Soul
Thursday 13 December
We Are Family
We Are Family
Saturday 15 December
We Are Family
We Are Family
Tonight on Eva+ at 20:10

Series 1, Episode 135.
Joaquin and Manuela/Ramona try not to show how shocked they are after Pilar tells them Delfi wants to see them together as a couple.
November on Eva+

1Under the Storm
Weekdays double bill at 11:20, repeated 18:00
Omnibus Saturdys at 6:00 and Sundays at 16:00 from 13th November

Alberto Lombardo and Mia Gonzalez ignore their real origins, but destiny will put them together in this adventure. The path to disclose the secrets, lies and treasons that have been surrounding them since they were born. But all these obstacles will ultimately make their love turn stronger.

We Are Family
Weekdays double bill at 14:40
Repeated 21:20 and next day at 07:50
Omnibus Saturdays at 16:00 and Sundays at 06:00

It is the story of a successful race driver (Joaquín - Gustavo Bermúdez) who is now a businessman, single and childless, and a journalist, (Manuela - Ana Maria Orozco) who is seeking her daughter, whom she had when she was 15 and her parents forced to give her up for adoption. Their paths will cross when Joaquín’s partner, Sergio Miranda and his wife, die in a plane crash. From that moment on, Joaquín will be the one to look after the children of his great friend and partner. Manuela will pretend to be a maid in the house Joaquin lives with the children, to try to get near her daughter. Little by little, they will become a family.

Betrayed Heart
Betrayed Heart
On Eva+ at 17:40

Series 1, Episode 4.
Lorena, feeling desperate and clumsy, manages to get him out of the room without him noticing anything. The idea that the cartel is behind Marco Aurelios assassination attempt feeds Gertrudis imagination.