February on Eva
Posted on Friday 29th January 2016

Series 1
Weekdays 16:00 (repeat 22:00 & 04:00) repeated next day 10:00
Rosa Maria Restrepo (Monica Gomez) and Alex Montoya (Sebastian Martinez) are a young couple living on a coffee farm. Unfortunately, the farm goes bankrupt and the whole family find themselves migrating to Bogota. Not only does Bogota give the family a new home, but the city gives the family a bigger set of problems they could have ever asked for.

Series 1
Weekdays 13:00 (repeat 19:00 & 01:00) repeated next day 07:00
A story about a women, a victim of abuse and revenge from her husband, finds herself traumatized as he throws their son into the sea. Even though shocked and trying to escape her troubles, her son is saved from drowning and begins his heroic quest for his mother.

Series 1
Weekdays 12:00 (repeat 18:00 & 24:00) repeated next day 06:00
“When I Fall In Love” is the story of Renata and Jeronimo, whose all-embracing love for each other is undermined by bitterness and betrayal, and by the insidious poison of a malicious lie.

Weekdays 17:00 (repeat 23:00 & 05:00) repeated next day at 11:00
Irene is the perfect secretary, a dream come true for any executive: intelligent, efficient, and absolutely reliable. But despite her impressive skills, she is an introverted young woman with low self-esteem, which led her to believe that she is not attractive to men. As time passes, and almost without realizing, Irene falls in love with her boss, Leonardo Ferrándiz, a millionaire widower who is raising five children by himself and is too busy to register the feelings of his secretary.

April on Eva+

Weekdays at 17:10
Repeated at 23:50
Omnibus edition Saturdays from 21:00 and Sundays from 11:00

Martin Montana lost his wife fifteen years ago. He meets a woman identical to his past wife named Tania, who he becomes obsessed with. Tania leads him to a sinister character, Mr. Moretti. Martin overlooks the fact that Moretti is Dr. Aron Mattsson, his old professor, and rival who has come back to execute the perfect revenge against him. Tania does not realise that she is in fact Martin’s wife and that Moretti turned her into another person to kill the man she loved. Moretti will soon learn that sometimes true love is an impossible force that can not be stopped or controlled.

March on Eva+

3My Three Daughters

Weekday double bills at 14:40 Repeated at 21:20 and next day at 7:50 Omnibus Saturdays at 16:00 and Sundays at 06:00 from 19th February

Leo is a kind-hearted elementary school teacher who lives in Santo, a district in northern Peru. Leo falls in love with Elena, they move in together and have three daughters all named Maria: Maria Esperanza, Maria Soledad and Maria Paz, who will be born in a month. Tragically, on their wedding day Leo and Elena are attacked by criminals and a little kid close to the family is murdered on the scene. Therefore they are forced to move to Lima over the fear that one day their daughters could face the same fate.

January on Eva+

Under the Storm
Weekdays double bill at 11:20, repeated at 18:00 Omnibus Saturdays at 6:00 and Sundays at 16:00
Alberto Lombardo and Mia Gonzalez ignore their real origins, but destiny will put them together in this adventure. The path to disclose the secrets, lies and treasons that have been surrounding them since they were born. But all these obstacles will ultimately make their love turn stronger.

We Are Family
Weekdays double bill at 14:40 Repeated at 21:20 and next day at 07:50 Omnibus Saturdays at 16:00 and Sundays at 06:00
It is the story of a successful race driver (Joaquín - Gustavo Bermúdez) who is now a businessman, single and childless, and a journalist, (Manuela - Ana Maria Orozco) who is seeking her daughter, whom she had when she was 15 and her parents forced to give her up for adoption. Their paths will cross when Joaquín’s partner, Sergio Miranda and his wife, die in a plane crash. From that moment on, Joaquín will be the one to look after the children of his great friend and partner. Manuela will pretend to be a maid in the house Joaquin lives with the children, to try to get near her daughter. Little by little, they will become a family.

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My Three Daughters
My Three Daughters
Friday 26 April
Betrayed Heart
Betrayed Heart
Friday 26 April
Fooled Into Love
Fooled Into Love
Monday 29 April