• My Three Daughters

    My Three Daughters

  • Light My Eyes

    Light My Eyes

  • Under The Storm

    Under The Storm

Searching for Maria
Searching for Maria
Sunday 27 May
Secret Love
Secret Love
Monday 28 May
The Bold And The Beautiful
The Bold And The Beautiful
Tuesday 29 May
Searching for Maria
Searching for Maria
Tonight on Eva at 20:30

Series 1, Episode 46.
Marcelo leaves the house, making Flora feel sad.
May on Eva

plainAnything But Plain
Weekdays at 15:00, repeated at 21:00

Lichita Gutiérrez is the most ignored and humiliated employee of Icónika, Latin America’s most important publicity agency, a company she joined as an assistant with the illusion of growing little by little, but the truth is that she has been stuck in the same position for years being a kind of ‘jack of all trades’. She has considered quitting several times, but she just can’t let her parents down. 
Tired of being ‘Lichirella’ and immersed in a whirlwind of emotions, all her years working at Icónika pass in front of her eyes in a flash... years in which, perseverance, honesty and hard work didn’t take her anywhere and in which the illusion of true love is nothing but that: an illusion. Lichita decides to change and recover this way what belongs to her, so if she needs to do the same tricks her colleagues did to her in order to go far and win the recognition she deserves, so she will. She decides to leave Lichita behind to become Alicia and she will even fight against her own nature, with the clear idea of being: Anything but plain!

My Three Daughters
Weekdays at 13:00, repeated at 19:00 and next day at 07:00

Leo is a kind-hearted elementary school teacher that lives in Santo, a district in northern Peru. Leo falls in love with Elena, they move in together and have three daughters all named Maria: Maria Esperanza, Maria Soledad and Maria Paz, who will be born in a month. Unfortunately on the wedding day Leo and Elena are attacked by criminals and a little kid close to the family is murdered on the scene. Therefore they are forced to move to Lima over the fear that one day their daughters could face the same fate.

Weekdays at 12:00 and 12:30, repeated at 18:00

Set in Los Angeles, this popular soap opera captures the story of the Forrester household, one that is all fashion and glamour. Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas combine their fashion creativity and business acumen to establish their empire, Forrester Creations, and gain worldwide recognition for their upscale men and women’s fashion. But their wealth and fame can only hide betrayals in the family for so long.

The Bold And The Beautiful
The Bold And The Beautiful
On Eva at 17:30

Series 1, Episode 6823.
Thorne and Taylor are concerned about Alys reaction to news of their relationship. Oliver does his best to comfort Aly.