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Pick Of The Week
Wait For Me
Wait For Me
Friday 28th October @ 17:00
Timeless Love
Timeless Love
Friday 28th October @ 21:00
The Mother-In-Law
The Mother-In-Law
Saturday 22nd October @ 16:00
The Swindler
The Swindler
Friday 28th October @ 19:00
Tonight At Prime Time On Eva
The Mother-In-Law
The Mother-In-Law
arrow Tonight on Eva @ 20:00
Series 1, Episode 113. Caro calls Juan K and makes him believe she is going to kill herself in order to make him cancel his trip. Victoria finds Roberto at the police station where he is going to expose Carolinas case.
Eva: Open Your Heart

Eva is the home of the very best contemporary telenovelas from Latin America and around the world. On Eva, you will find an exclusive mix of telenovelas from the best producers, featuring the newest and most established stars. Across all storylines you will find a potent mix of love, jealousy and betrayal – 24 hours a day.

Bold, romantic and bursting with passion, Eva is the destination for those of you who enjoy life with added spice!

Latest Feature: This Autumn on Eva

Series 1
Weekdays 16:00 CAT (repeat at 22:00 CAT & next day at 04:00 & 10:00 CAT)
This is the story of Joaquín, a coveted bachelor and a motocross lover, whose life turns 180° when he has to become the legal guardian of his best friend and business partner’s four children, after he dies in an accident. While Joaquín tries to adapt to this new life, Manuela, a journalist who pretends to be a maid, shows up at the house, trying to get close to her daughter Pilar, who had been given up for adoption years before. So, naturally but awkwardly, as Joaquín tries to play the role of father and Manuela the role of mother, an incredible love story starts between them.


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